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Conserving the Devonshire Avon from source to sea


Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.

Check the weather forecast and tide times.

Do not underestimate the forces of nature; know your limits. The wind and tidal flow in the estuary can be very strong. Paddle into the elements first, to make the trip home easier.

BEWARE of dangerous currents, variations in water depth and rip tides – especially where the estuary meets the sea.

Wear the leash or ‘kill cord’ so you don’t lose control of your craft.

Carry a whistle or phone. If you get into difficulty, stay with your craft as it will keep you afloat and make you easier to find. If help is essential, call the Coastguard on 999.

Watch out for swimmers; they may be very difficult to see!

Observe the 8-knot speed limit.

Please respect the staff operating the Avon Patrol. Follow their advice for your own safety and that of others.

Keep well clear of all moorings.

Alcohol and boats are a dangerous mixture!

Nesting swans are very aggressive – beware!

NOTE – Fishing is forbidden by law from vessels of any kind in the estuary.

END – 10th April 2021