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Conserving the Devonshire Avon from source to sea


It is vital that highly portable wetsuits, SUPs, canoes and kayaks are checked for contaminants, cleaned and dried before they are put into the waters of the Avon – ‘CHECK – CLEAN – DRY’! Non-native species cannot survive long-term desiccation.

Biosecurity is becoming increasingly important to protect this MCZ environment against encroachment by a wide variety of invasive species. This biosecurity policy is universal throughout the South Devon AONB.


The effects of invasion by Spartina or cord grass in the Avon Estuary after artificial introduction by Man are all too evident in the steady accumulation of silt and mud. Multiplication of the Pacific Oyster outside of the farmed racks in our estuary is prevented by limiting the externally-sourced juveniles to triploid (infertile) individuals.

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