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SouthWestWater’s Drainage and Waste Water Management Plan (DWMP)- a consultation

by | Oct 1, 2022 | Main | 0 comments

The ACA has only just been alerted to this consultation by SWW about their management  plans up to 2050 via our attendance at the Avon Estuary Forum on 27th September.   Fortunately, the Environment Agency’s Catchment Coordinator for the South West region was able to obtain an extension to the consultation submission date until 7th October 2022.   Necessarily, the ACA’s response has been rather hurried but I have produced the following comments and observations about the plan on behalf of the organisation; click on the following link:-

DWMP consultation questions_SW

If any ACA members would like to modify the response in the short time available, please let me know via the ABOUT ACA>CONTACT US link on this website menu.

Thanks for your interest.


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