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Conserving the Devonshire Avon from source to sea


by | Jul 10, 2021 | Main | 0 comments

The Aune Conservation Association has responded to safety concerns around increased recreational use of the Avon estuary by visitors and local people during the COVID pandemic.   These concerns were expressed and discussed at the last two Avon Estuary Forum online meetings. It is thought highly likely that this increased use will continue for the foreseeable future now that the natural delights of the estuary have become more widely known.


Our response has been two-fold: 1) we continue to provide our usual financial support for the Avon Patrol, in order to offer on-site advice to those using the estuary 2) we have paid to transfer our website to a professional manager and have re-modelled the website to make it easier to view from a smartphone. Associated with this change, we are promoting the distribution and use of a QR code linked to our website to easily access important new safety advice for boat users, wild swimmers and boat users. We are encouraging those responsible for communications around the estuary, anybody involved in the hiring of SUPs and kayaks, and local campsites to display this QR code prominently. The relevant QR code IS shown below and the tips can be found under the TIPS FOR VISITORS heading:-



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