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Conserving the Devonshire Avon from source to sea


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The Marine Conservation Society has accepted the ACA’s periodic and (previously) somewhat casual Tidal Road clean-ups, between Stakes Road and Aveton Gifford, as part of their ‘Adoptabeach’ scheme. This will entail more frequent sweeps along the road for rubbish dropped by passers-by in boats or cars, flushed out of the AG sewage works or swept in from the sea.  Records of finds will be maintained for reporting purposes.  New safety guidelines have been published as a result of a formal risk assessment process (see ECOLOGY/BEACH CLEANS) and these will need to be observed by all volunteers as a condition of participation.  The Duchy of Cornwall has kindly provided some funding for the purchase of portable hazard warnings signs to help prevent traffic accidents during the clean-ups.  We hope the higher degree of organisation will not detract from the fun and enjoyment of taking part in these events.

Our quarterly beach cleans on Cockleridge, organised in association with Maya Plass of  ‘Learn to Sea’ and MCS, are already covered by similar safety guidelines and will continue, unaffected.


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