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Conserving the Devonshire Avon from source to sea


The ACA is developing a programme of activities and recording procedures, in collaboration with the South Devon AONB Unit, to control and limit the spread of invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam throughout the Avon Valley.  We hope our members and the public at large will respond positively with sightings and offers of help on working parties.

The Japanese Knotweed problem is summarised in a document which can be read by clicking on the following link:-

The Himalayan Balsam initiative is summarised in the following linked document which will be made widely available in leaflet format with the aid of a grant from the AONB’s Sustainable Development Fund:-


The easiest way, by far, to control Himalayan Balsam is to pull it up by the roots – prior to seed formation – by gripping the stalk as near to the ground as possible.   The plant will usually come away from the damp soil in a satisfying way and should be spread out to dry and wither naturally  in the sun.  Please avoid creating a large damp pile of discarded plants as they are likely to re-root in their new location!

Our recorded sites of balsam occurence in the Avon valley, to date, are represented as yellow pegs in the Google earth image below:-