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Dwarf Spike-Rush (Eleocharis parvula) – occurs below the bridge at Aveton Gifford click here for more details – Dwarf Spike-Rush

12th June 2010:  An interesting engagement!  If you are kayaking up to Venn Weir around this time of year, there is an aggressive and highly territorial, cob swan defending his mate and her half-dozen small cygnets at about the half-way mark between the bridge and the weir- beware!  The cob saw me off early this morning with a fluffing-up of his plumage, to increase his apparent size, whilst paddling straight for me!  Although I gave him as wide a berth as possible, he then peformed a mock take-off procedure to make certain I was aware of his displeasure, flapping his wings and running after me, on top of the water.  The encounter was enough to set my pulse racing; a kayak, low in the water at swan height, is not the most suitable or stable vessel for repelling large avian  boarders!