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Conserving the Devonshire Avon from source to sea


The ACA organises quarterly beach cleans on Cockleridge, opposite Bantham -with the collaboration of ‘Learn to Sea’ – and upstream, between Bantham and Aveton Gifford.    Details of arrangements will be provided in the POSTS section of this site.

The main purposes of these events are both to rid the estuary of unsightly rubbish and to protect those species which may be damaged or destroyed by its presence in, on, under or near the water.   Secondary objectives are to have fun on the beach or river  and enjoy each others company – often over a supplementary BBQ! 


An enmeshed Basking Shark in the Avon Estuary – June 2008

Most of these beach cleans are held in association with the Marine Conservation Society.  As a condition of participation, all volunteers are expected to adhere strictly to commonsense  Safety Guidelines at all times and to follow the advice of the Organiser on the day as conditions may vary.   The guidelines can be scrutinised by clicking here – ACA BEACH CLEANS3

Where appropriate, data from the beach cleans are included in the MCS’s  ‘Adoptabeach’ scheme and are compiled annually on a national basis to provide information about the type, quantity and origins of rubbish turning up on our shores.   The scheme and its objectives are described more fully on the MCS’s website – see our WEBLINKS page.

Cockleridge beach-clean party- April 2009