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Conserving the Devonshire Avon from source to sea


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At an extraordinary meeting of the Avon Estuary Forum on 16th Feb 2021, the issue of the explosion in the popularity of walking along the estuary bed, of outdoor swimming and in the use of SUPs, canoes and kayaks was addressed.

It was agreed:-
1. the buoys and associated signs marking the water ski zone would be renewed with the collaboration of the ski club and the Salcombe Harbourmaster
2. Better communications with the public via social media and with local organisations running courses or hiring equipment would be employed to improve safety and the important matter of biosecurity.

As part of this safety campaign, advisory Codes of Conduct for all three types of activity will be published on the Aune Conservation Association website, accessible via the following QR Code:-


The Avon (Aune) Estuary is a priceless environmental asset. It is a County Wildlife Site and Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) with its shallow waters, extensive mudflats, and saltmarshes. All of these features are of exceptional ecological value to important populations of fish, invertebrates, migratory birds and waterfowl.

It is vital these habitats remain undisturbed; educating all estuary users is a first step in managing these areas for the benefit of all. Historically, the Avon Estuary has always been highly valued as a place for quiet contemplation and reflection on natural beauty. All users of the estuary are asked to respect these values: in these difficult COVID times, they are more priceless than ever.


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