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An important message to owners of boats in the Avon Estuary

by | Oct 9, 2011 | Main | 0 comments

An important message from Aveton Gifford Parish Council (AGPC) to boat owners:

The appearance of Bridge End creek and access to the Avon Estuary from the creek has been increasingly limited by abandoned and neglected boats, kayaks and canoes.  Some items may have been fly-tipped, whilst others have come to an end of their useful life.   The best way of dealing with this situation has been the topic of several discussions over a long period of time between AGPC, the Aune Conservation Association and the Duchy of Cornwall; all are agreed on the course of action now being taken by AGPC.


Some items have been removed to Timbers Car Park in Aveton Gifford on recent tides, and can be viewed there until October 31st.  If you wish to identify and claim an item please call 01548 550301  or 01548 550907.  Arrangements have been made after that date for disposal of unclaimed items.


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