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A  support document which provides information for the consultation on the draft update to the river basin management plan for the South West River Basin District is available by clicking on this link –   South Devon

Since it was founded, the Aune Conservation Association has played an active role in improving the Devon Avon through collaboration with other organisations in a variety of initiatives:  the Avon Estuary Siltation Research programme, the Catchment Sensitive Farming Initiative, the Devon Avon Group, the South Hams Rivers Improvement Project (SHRImP) and the new,  embryonic  Catchment Based Approach to River Basin Management (CaBa).   Details of much of this work may be found on this website.

In South Devon, CaBa is being coordinated by the West Country Rivers Trust and the South Devon AONB Unit with the objective of meeting the standards required by the Water Framework Directive for all the water bodies in South Devon.  The ACA will be maintaining the same focus on the Devon Avon that has resulted  in many improvements throughout the river, particularly for migratory fish species such as salmon, trout and eel as a result of the SHRImP project.  Unfortunately SHRImP will terminate in March 2015 and we need to carry its  momentum and enthusiasm into the CaBa although the new initiative will have a broader remit.

If you have any views about how the River basin Management Plan might be improved, please use this consultation as an opportunity to respond.   A response form is available here – RBMP Response form-1


A  little orange and white Sportyak named ANN has gone missing recently from the foreshore at Milburn Orchard.  If you know of its whereabouts, please contact Pat Cassidy at



AVON VALLEY PROJECT – Summer/Autumn newsletter 2014

Please find the latest newsletter from the Avon Valley Project via this link –Avon Valley Project Summer Autumn newsletter 2014,
highlighting the valuable work that has been carried out over the past
few months.
If you have any questions or queries, or would like to arrange a site
visit, please do get in touch ( 215270).
Also, if you know of any other landowners/managers who may be interested
in the project, feel free to pass on the newsletter or forward my
details to them.

Best wishes
Craig Dunton
Assistant Landscape Ecologist
Think Nature/SDNT