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We shall be picking up and recording any rubbish found on Cockleridge in collaboration with the Marine Conservation Society on the following days:-

Sat Feb 16th 3.00pm (LW ~ 4.00pm)

Sat 27th April 2.30pm (LW ~2.30pm)

Sat 13th July 3.00pm (LW~4.00pm)

Sat 21st Sept 2.30pm (LW~2.30pm)

Everybody is invited to come along and help. Wear gloves, boots and suitable clothing, please.

As a condition of participation, all volunteers are expected to adhere strictly
to commonsense  Safety Guidelines at all times and to follow the advice of the
Organiser on the day as conditions may vary.   The guidelines can be
scrutinised by clicking here – ACA BEACH CLEANS3