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GILLAROO – 3rd anniversary exit from the Avon? Bon voyage!

It is now just 3 years since the Gillaroo arrived in the Avon for ‘restoration’ work, throughout which time the ACA and Aveton Gifford Parish Council have been lobbying  for its removal.   The river is not a suitable environment  for such major re-fits. 

Only a few days ago,  the vessel seemed to have developed a new leak and was taking on water to the extent that the decks were awash on recent high tides (10th Oct 2010).   That happened just as the Duchy of Cornwall (owners of the river fundus) had arranged for the boat’s removal or break up. 

However, I can report that the vessel has been seen, today (13th October), trying to make its way past the oyster beds in a seaward direction – on a falling tide.    Unfortunately,   she will have to await more favourable conditions before finally quitting the river.  The Bantham Harbourmaster has been kept informed of developments by the boat’s owner and has inspected proceedings.   Let’s hope the vessel makes it to open water as soon as possible.  Bon voyage!      

EXODUS – 16th October 2010