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May 2016 – further ‘ecological’ water releases from Avon dam

Water releases from the Avon dam have been negotiated by the Devon Avon Group during dry spells of weather in order to facilitate, for example, the migration of salmon smolt.   Full details are available in Notes from the DAG meetings, elsewhere on this website.

Currently (10th May) the river water level at the Loddiswell gauging station is 0.28m – at the low end of the normal range of 0.25m-1.80m.   Therefore, the Environment Agency has triggered, with the close collaboration of SWW, the release of an extra 65ML per day of water from the dam between 3.00pm on Friday 6th May and Monday 9th May.   Most of the benefit will be in the upper reaches of the river, which for many years have run very low during dry weather.

South Hams Society AGM & talk on the coastal protection work of the National Trust

The South Hams Society’s AGM on 25th April will be followed by a talk by David Pinder on Operation Neptune , the survey and appeal which have enabled the National Trust to become easily the largest coastal landowner in the country. It owns – and permanently protects – almost 800 miles of coast. We have particular cause to be thankful for that here in South Devon.

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Devon Avon (Water Quality) Group

The notes from the most recent meeting of the Devon Avon (Water Quality) Group or DAG have been added to the appropriate page in the ECOLOGY section.  Amongst other things, it will be seen that SWW’s programme of water releases from the Avon dam, for fisheries purposes, will be continuing during 2016 along with some electro-fishing and gravel augmentation work (also funded by SWW) as an experiment to promote fish spawning in the upper reaches of the river.


In response to the widespread scepticism and multitude of rumours  in circulation about different aspects of the Bantham Estate’s activities, the ACA committee met with the Estate’s owner and Estate Manager on 26th January 2016 for a full and frank discussion of matters related to the river, the estuary and associated ecology.   In any changing situation there will always be doubters but the committee members were persuaded that the long-term welfare of the estuary and its environment are the Estate’s genuine, primary interests.     The ACA shares those interests although our methods for satisfying them may be different.

Our members can rest assured that effective lines of communication exist between the ACA and the Estate for discussion of anything relevant to the ACA’s charitable objectives and we shall not hesitate to raise any legitimate and well-substantiated concerns with the management or, indeed, to collaborate where appropriate.

New Bantham owner decries permitted sewage bypasses into Devon Avon

Nicholas Johnston, the new owner of the Bantham Estate, has expressed his support for the long-maintained view of the ACA that the 10 permitted releases of raw sewage into the Avon from the Aveton Gifford sewage treatment works after heavy rainfall should be stopped.  At present, the releases are made without any warning to the public despite the increased recreational use of the river.   For the full story, see this link -