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Our clean up of the Tidal Road on 16th May in collaboration with SAS went ahead despite the unpredictable weather.  Many thanks to the 20 plus people who turned out and were able to enjoy the first opportunity for over a year to engage with people outside their COVID bubbles.

TIDAL ROAD CLEAN UP – 3.00-4.00pm on 16th MAY 2021

At last we’re able to get outside in a socially distanced way to resume life from where it was suspended over a year ago!
We plan to celebrate by joining a Surfers Against Sewage ‘Million Mile Clean’ initiative to clean up around the Tidal Road.
I’ve signed up for Sunday 16th May from 3-4pm as both the tide and the COVID risk should be very low.
Please join us!
Gather in either the Timbers or Milburn Orchard car parks at either end of the Tidal Road
It will be safest from the COVID standpoint if you can bring your own sacks for rubbish, wear gloves and maintain a sensible distance from others/ wear a mask if you prefer.
Beyond that our usual safety rules still apply as below.
Thanks for your help – I look forward to seeing you  on the day.
Stuart Watts – 01548 810373

Recreational risks from river & estuary pollution of the Devon Avon (Aune)

The ACA has long been concerned about the potential hazards of recreational use of the Avon Estuary, despite it being swept by tides twice per day (>ECOLOGY>WATER QUALITY).   The Sewage Treatment Works at Aveton Gifford and other sources of pollution, as described in the Rivers Trust website (see link below) are unpredictable sources of water pollution.  Using rivers for swimming, paddling, fishing and playing is fantastically rewarding and good for our health, but like all outdoor sports, carries an element of risk. There is no public health monitoring of river water quality in the UK, so this map (see link below) will help river users weigh up the risk before taking to the water. It shows some of the sources of pathogens (bacteria or viruses) in rivers which can cause illnesses. The Rivers Trust is calling on all river users to join us in tackling these issues.

Use the Search box to find your location or zoom on the map to see the locations of discharges from the sewerage network which are entering rivers. Avoid entering the water immediately downstream of these discharges, especially after it has been raining. Click the Legend and different symbol information buttons or click symbols on the map to popup information about the types of risks. Use the Layer List button to see other layers, including river flow direction so you can check whether the discharges are upstream of your location.


Many factors are not possible to show on a map. These include timings and locations of agricultural pollutions, discharges from badly connected household appliances and hidden septic tanks which are not in our datasets. This is why we can never be 100% sure that a location is safe for swimming or recreational access.

Tidal Road ‘beach clean’ Sunday 26th April 2020


Regarding the Aune Conservation Association’s Tidal Road clean up on 26th April, I am planning to leave attendance up to individuals although Surfers Against Sewage have cancelled their related beach clean events on that day.  The situation is changing on a daily basis, of course, but I figure a dose of fresh air and modest exercise, whilst engaging in a community task at a sensible and manageable distance from others, might do more good than harm at the moment.  Obviously, there will be no pub gathering afterwards!

Tidal Road clean up _ Sunday 12th January, 2020 at 1130 a.m.

The Aune Conservation Association will be organising its usual New Year clean up along the Tidal Road on Sunday 12th January, starting at 11.30am.   Low Water will be around 1300h.    Everybody is welcome to join in but please take note of our safety guidelines (see –
We usually have one group starting from Timbers car park  at AG to work downstream towards the stakes at Milburn Orchard and another starting from the Milburn Orchard car park, working back to AG.     Subsequently, a congenial meeting of the two teams in the Fisherman’s Rest would be a good way to start the afternoon.
Please mark this date in your diary.’