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Beach watch data on marine litter collection (2016)


The full research report behind this summary is available on the Research Report page of this website.


As part of the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Great British Beach Clean’ which involved numerous beach cleaning efforts around the country between 18th and 21st September, the Aune Conservation Association arranged one of its quarterly rubbish clean ups on Cockleridge, Bigbury-0n-Sea, on Sunday 20th September.    This year, the rubbish haul was somewhat smaller than on previous occasions and it would be tempting to delude ourselves into thinking this could be a direct result of our earlier efforts on Cockleridge.  Sadly, we know that the next tide will probably bring in a richer harvest from the masses of junk floating around in our oceans or discharged through our sewerage systems and that we need to remain vigilant to help protect and conserve our beautiful local environment.


Weather permitting, we shall be cleaning up along the Tidal Road on New Year’s Day from 1130 onwards; an excellent opportunity to cleanse the mind and spirit, if not the body!   Please pay attention to the safety guidelines  at

No doubt some of us will gravitate towards the Fisherman’s Rest afterwards.

NB High water will be around 2.30pm so keep an eye on the rising tide to avoid strandings!

Wishing you a happy New Year .


For the last few years we have participated in the Marine Conservation Society’s (MCS) Beachwatch national campaign to monitor what rubbish is on our beaches on the weekend of 17/18th September. This year we shall be doing the same on Saturday 17th September at 10.00am on Cockleridge, Bigbury on Sea, opposite Bantham, under the direction of Maya Plass (
On Sunday 18th September, Maya will be participating in the Perranporth Triathlon as a fundraising opportunity for the Marine Conservation Society. Maya says “It seemed to be such a good match that the triathlon took place the same weekend as the national Beachwatch marine litter campaign. I hope it will be a valuable opportunity to raise awareness about marine litter and also funds for the work of the”
This is the donation page for anybody interested in supporting Maya’s efforts on behalf of the MCS:
Interestingly, most of our local beaches came out well in the latest MCS survey of beach quality.  Click on the following link for details:-


You can now check up on the quality of the bathing water at your favourite local beach by clicking on this link to the Environment Agency’s website –

This is a real improvement in the availability of important environmental information but remember the site only displays historical data and cannot show topical values for sewage-related bacteria.   For obvious reasons, the site does not include any details about local sewage works ‘by-passes’, whereby after heavy rainfall, untreated but coarsely filtered sewage is allowed into the environment e.g. into the Avon at Aveton Gifford, up to 10 times per year!