There are many risks as well as many benefits from outdoor swimming.   Whilst an exhilarating and beautiful environment, tidal waters can be very dangerous for a number of reasons.    Anybody planning to swim in the estuary should respect other estuary users and riparian landowners’ property by following  the Outdoor Swimming Society’s comprehensive Code of Conduct, as in the link below.


Of particular concern in our estuary is the danger posed to swimmers by recreational boat users.   Swimmers should make themselves highly visible and avoid swimming in the zone demarcated for use by waterskiers.   Your head will be barely visible low down in the water from a fast moving boat and it goes without saying that a collision might result in terrible injury or death!

It is well worth pointing out that, by convention, boats have a right of way in preference to swimmers in areas where manoeuverability is restricted by depth or width of the estuary,  by tidal and weather conditions or by other vessels.  Swimmers should stick to the sides of the channel at all times to stay safe.

Enjoy your swim!

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