The Avon (Aune) Estuary is a priceless environmental asset. It is a County Wildlife Site and Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) with its shallow waters, extensive mudflats, and saltmarshes.  All of these are of exceptional ecological value to important populations of fish, invertebrates, migratory birds and waterfowl.


It is vital these habitats remain undisturbed; educating all estuary users is a first step in managing these areas for the benefit of all.


In particular, the recent explosion in the popularity of outdoor swimming and the use of SUPs and kayaks has highlighted the need for Codes of Conduct because the waters are becoming increasingly crowded with users of varying degrees of experience – some are complete novices and may pose a nuisance or even a danger to themselves and others.  Suitable Codes are suggested on the following pages (see Navigation Bar on homepage: >CODES OF CONDUCT>OUTDOOR SWIMMING or >SUPs, CANOES & KAYAKS).