Concern has been expressed about the deteriorating condition of the groynes and concrete retaining wall at the north west corner of Cockleridge Ham at the mouth of the Avon Estuary.

It has been agreed  that temporary works will be done to the retaining wall in an effort to prevent further erosion by the sea over the winter.   These works will include the use of chunks of conglomerated concrete from the beach (and which come from the wall) and timber shuttering.   Ryan Hooper of Evans Estates will be supervising the works which are likely to commence in October.

The Duchy of Cornwall has been informed and, also, the South Devon Heritage Coast Service of  South Hams District Council.

If anybody has  concerns, they should contact Jonathan Aylett of Michelmore Hughes, Totnes,  and or Ryan Hooper at the Evans Estate office in Bantham.   It is hoped that everybody will understand that the measures being taken are with the best interests of the community at large in mind.

Thought is being given to what might be done in the longer term to protect the Ham at this point and the Estate will endeavour to keep the ACA informed about what, if any, decisions are made.

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