Please come, bring your friends and help clean up our environment during the Beachwatch Big Weekend!  The ACA will be cleaning and counting on Cockleridge on Sunday 16th September between 1200-1300.  LW will be around 1300.

What does the ACA hope to promote / achieve from the clean?  Cleaner beaches and River Avon (obviously) plus increased awareness of the problem caused by rubbish in our seas.

This is part of a special Marine Conservation Society ‘Beachwatch’ weekend on which rubbish from around the country is classified by category and counted. See –,X5Z4,56TAHN,2R30J,1 – ).

Please also read our safety guidelines for participants as per this link:-

Do people need to bring anything in particular?   Please bring gloves, bags, wear stout footware, etc. as per the advisory guidelines on our website –  in link above.  COCKLERIDGE is best reached by walking round from Bigbury on Sea towards Bantham or by crossing, by boat, from Bantham.  It is not as easily accessible as some beaches but it does catch a lot of the rubbish which would otherwise wash up the river Avon and the reward will be well worth that extra effort!

Do people have to register in advance or just turn up on the day?  Turn up on the day but with restrictions as per advisory note (above) e.g. no unaccompanied minors, dogs on lead, etc.  You might like to bring a picnic lunch if the current fine weather holds.

Please phone or e-mail if you need more info. – 01548 810373.


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