BOATWATCH: dinghy stolen from Tidal Road

The stolen tender, belonging to Catherine Tyler, is a pale grey 7ft (3-man) inflatable, with a black (internally) slatted floor. There is an outboard motor attachment panel on the stern (white and flaking paint with exposed areas of aluminium underneath)  but the attaching points are clearly visible on the dinghy.  There are areas of red stains on the outside, where it has rubbed against the anti-fouling. There is a front painter fixing point and two side ones near the front.

STOLEN - Feb 2012

We believe it was taken at the beginning of half term (11th/12th Feb).  It had been secured fore and aft on the patch of grass on the upstream end of the Tidal Road in Aveton Gifford.

See the BOATWATCH page on this website for details of whom to contact should you have any relevant information.

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