At a very well organised public meeting, chaired by Gary Streeter MP, on Friday 17th September the Environment Agency presented their revised plans for creating salt marsh at South Efford to a packed audience of local people at Aveton Gifford Village Hall.  An eloquent response to the proposal was presented by John Peters, a highly experienced environmental scientist, AG parishioner and ACA committee member.

Following a lively but good tempered Q & A session, votes of those attending were recorded on ballot slips with the result that the EA’s proposal to create a salt marsh at South Efford was rejected by 36 votes (against) and 11 votes (in favour). 

No guarantees about the future status of the project were provided on the night; many uncertainties remain.   However, EA staff stated that they will take this clear expression of community opinion into consideration and consult with DEFRA before deciding how to proceed. 

A report of the meeting appeared in the Kingsbridge Gazette of 24th September – click here SEM2.

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