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Marine crime can spoil your enjoyment of the river and estuary and may also cause damage to wildlife.  Devon & Cornwall police have kindly provided me with an update on Project Kraken, involving aspects of their marine crime prevention work.  As part of the project, we can expect an increased police presence on the river with the collaboration of the Bantham Harbourmaster in his new patrol boat.  For further information about Project Kraken, click here – KRAKEN

1)      illegal fish-netting:  as you may know, there was a group of people illegally netting bass on the Avon a couple of weeks ago.  We reported the incident to the Environment Agency and Devon Sea Fisheries but the police working on Project Kraken are also involved and would like to know of any similar incident, should it occur.  The police recently shadowed and deterred a similar group of  people engaged in bass netting on the Kingsbridge/Salcombe Estuary and have apprehended some others on the Tamar.   If you see anything suspicious on the river, please report it to the police on 08452 777444; they will liaise with the Environment Agency and Devon Sea Fisheries.   The police’s  suspicion is that the same group(s) of people are responsible for much of the local boat crime – DO NOT TACKLE THEM YOURSELF!

2)      Outboard motor covers: I’ve previously described how you can buy a Devon & Cornwall police-labelled outboard cover from Kingsbridge police station for £15.  The package includes a marking pen which can be used to label other articles with your personal ID number to help in tracing stolen goods.   Two sizes available, up to 60hp – excellent value for money!

The local officers involved in Kraken are PCs Rachel Ward (08452 777444 extn 4233 or and Steve Mullen (01548 842107 or ).

Thanks for your help and remember – IF YOU SUSPECT  IT, REPORT IT!


We are planning a repeat of last year’s very successful Ram Roast for Thursday 29th July for ACA members and their guests.   Click here for further details – Ram roast 2010


The ACA recently donated £800 to Maya Plass (Learn to Sea) to set up an after-school class at Aveton Gifford primary school to introduce the youngsters to some of the delights of the river and its estuary (integrating land and sea – see POST of 30 Jan 2010 on this site).  This donation was one of our periodic John Crawford Environmental Awards.  Maya made some video clips of the children at work which can be viewed by following this link to her U-Tube site –


Lizbe Pilbeam, the current CSFI officer has kindly provided us with the link to her recent U-tube film which highlights the key role that work on the Avon has played since the inception of the England Catchment Sensitive  Farming Delivery Initiative (to give it the full title!).   

The ACA and South Devon AONB were instrumental in providing ’match funding’ for the first phase of the scheme in which the Avon only had Associate Catchment status with limited access to DEFRA funds.   Following the nationally acclaimed success of the first phase of work in the Avon’s catchment, guided by the expertise of Sally Hope Johnson from the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group, our river has subsequently been included as part of the  primary catchment scheme – which  includes Slapton Ley, the Kingsbridge/Salcombe Estuary, and rivers  Erme and Yealm – with full access to DEFRA grants (see our February 2010 Archive).   Click here for the link  –